The Night

#The Night#

As the minute hand ticks away
The moon covers its entire way
Overnight the sounds which fall to my ears prey
I stand unknown to the beckoning fray

To run from the noise which I want away
The silence of night paves the way
Breaking the chains of relentless assault
By the lifestyle of the world around about
The hours of night which I love today
Incorporate peace in which I wish to stay

As I fixate upon penning something new
One of the nights left me thinking anew
And to write about that did my heart really pound
For the night that made it beat , made the only sound
Hence the night is what I write about
Always here to help me roundabout
The night life gives you a lot to ponder
To stay inside the room and let your heart wander

As the night begins to fade
The monotony starts to cascade
Once you begin to realise the fate
That the sun is up and on it’s way
And to return back to ennui everyday
That epiphany is one of the saddest mate
Alas the reality is distraught
And the night alone is my only resolve
For the only time I wish to find
In peace , in quiet , with my sanctity combined
As the appetite in me chimes to nine
For infinity and beyond is it’s to dine
And as the moment of freedom comes to an end
I wish for time to go back and make amends
For the night is the time I take control
With no one to obstruct and no one to behold

These hours on my watch are mine and mine alone
To drift away from all burdens and enter the solitary zone
And to bend reality at will , my heart did wish to fulfill
And the time which I had now , helped me in the path uphill

With no breaking confinements to atone
With no criterion limits left to define
My imagination is my power and the universe is mine


The Test

#The Test#

Stained with hopes
Dyed by the education system
Drenched by the burdens upon him
His attire spoke beyond his grim

The onus he carried on his back
The troubles he had to face
Stood ahead fathomless
While he made his way

Shallow breathing , heavy footsteps
As he dragged his body to the exam hall
With goosebumps on his neck
With chills up his spine
The syllabus on his mind left him confined

His throat dry , his hands sweat
He pulled out his pen, set it to test
As he set the ink to flow
Endless pages he tried to plough
For his might he had to show
That even he could muster
The power to behold

The best he could remember
The maximum the ink would flow
The wielder of the pen
Could he light up his hopes ?

As the time passes by
One or two questions left to pry
Heaves the guy a heavy sigh
For the peace he would love to find
As he reaches the end of his test
He begins to feel relief of the best
For his trial was an adamant one
And he had allies of none
As this battle was his & only his
He had to shine, blow it up to bits

Alas! He finished his test at last
For the demons inside him felt the calm
And now his soul was wagered for a time
For a time till another test comes by



People come and people go
But the memories they carve constantly show
That in desperate times, at inimical turns
You may find yourself alone

In those dwindling moments of hope
Take a respite, reconcile
Let the heart venture
Prudently corroborate the conjecture
To ascertain the esoteric group
That conduce the emotional coup
At irregular turmoil of events
Erratic vicissitudes of fathomless wavelengths
In these moments must one decide
To give up in the face of problems
Or to beat the onus
And face it with all their might
As in these decisive moments
Do people display their true sides
To stick with you adamantly
Or to step aside inconsiderately

In these situations, solitude or loneliness don’t really abide
To be lonely or to be alone is what you must decide
What you make out of the situation
Shall determine your future
To build your character from the foundation
Or to fall downward towards the oblivion
So wake up from the dreams
These hallucinations of euphoria
They aren’t true
And life ain’t that blue
Not all that coruscates is gold
Not all who smile are true
In a world as materialistic as such
Very few people shall stand by you

So set yourself a goal
A purpose that’ll keep you enticed
As in this infinite loop of life
Not people, only memories reside
So treasure your memories in the long run
For they shall serve as lessons that have been overrun
Alas, this is all a part of life
Hence always remember to hustle and contrive

But always remember the gist of this lullaby
That people will come and people will go
Because that’s just how life goes by

First Blood!

Night 12:30 am.

He strolled past the first lamp post on the course of his daily night walk, unaware of the twists this cold winter night would entwine. The stranger (as I knew him) would always walk past the lamp post right across the street, as I would stay perched under the light of the veranda stargazing and contemplating my life. I would watch him walk past daily at a brisk pace as his usual stout self with his uptight muscular body having all the contours of his gym’s efforts.

But tonight something was unusual, the way he walked was rather strange, he mumbled to himself while barely managing to make himself stand upright as he normally would. Under the pretext of casually following the street lights, I trailed his every move then I noticed that even though he was uttering gibberish, it had a pattern and with each step, his mumbling grew louder. It was as though he was in a trance or had been bewitched.

The strong heavily built man seemed the exact opposite of what he usually looked. From the corner of my eye and the little streak of light which fell upon his face, I could make out that even though he was stumbling, his eyes would capture every movement that was taking place around.

Barely managing to keep myself hidden from his sight, my eyes grew wider and with every step he took, my heart raced. With immense effort, I could finally make out what he was saying “He’s a madman! He’s a madman! He’ll get you all with his antics.”

Somewhere nearby bats screeched and dogs howled. Slowly out of no-where a man appeared from the shadows, his face more white than the moon shining above and lips, as red as blood with deep engraved cuts to either side. He extracted a knife out of thin air and pointed at the man. Bewildered, the man gaped and ran for it as fast as he could, yet the assailant chased him down and caught up to him. The stout man shook him off with great effort and still made an effort to run. As he turned down the alley, I could’ve sworn I heard a maniacal laughter. With a leap over him, as if a hell-hound had been unleashed from hell, the assailant pinned him down and said “Surprise! I’m your tonight’s entertainment!”.

With a crooked smile on his face, he let out a small grin and said “Tell me something, my friend. Have you ever danced with the devil under the pale moonlight?” Pausing for a second, he roared with laughter, slit the man’s throat for a good measure and disappeared into the darkness.

Even though I was too afraid to even make a sound, I could clearly make out a pack of cards with a Joker card on top, placed on the forehead. The Joker had left his mark.
Morning news flashed “How long will this madness go on”? And deep down I knew that the Dark Knight was on the hunt.

//How I imagine The Joker
“He’s a mad dog chasing cars. If he ever caught one, he wouldn’t know what to do with it.”




Can’t really go on without taking in pain
Can’t just go on with a smile on my face
No matter how much I sing & dance in rain
The flashes of happiness fall in vain

For once I thought I could outrun the world
Bury the hard part & smiles which were furled
To run as fast to escape and twirl
Alas! My limits could be curbed

To stay happy was my plan
Win the wars over the depression clan
Couldn’t even make it across the emotion land
With depression inbound my dreamland

And now as these situations toil with my mind
Tend to make me emotionally blind
My parents told me to keep things in mind
To never let go of disciplines of kind

As the crowds throng around fleeting to keep me afloat
Little do they know I wander these streets alone
And as the faults in me call on to me
I move on and try to be the best I can be