Can’t really go on without taking in pain
Can’t just go on with a smile on my face
No matter how much I sing & dance in rain
The flashes of happiness fall in vain

For once I thought I could outrun the world
Bury the hard part & smiles which were furled
To run as fast to escape and twirl
Alas! My limits could be curbed

To stay happy was my plan
Win the wars over the depression clan
Couldn’t even make it across the emotion land
With depression inbound my dreamland

And now as these situations toil with my mind
Tend to make me emotionally blind
My parents told me to keep things in mind
To never let go of disciplines of kind

As the crowds throng around fleeting to keep me afloat
Little do they know I wander these streets alone
And as the faults in me call on to me
I move on and try to be the best I can be


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