The Test

#The Test#

Stained with hopes
Dyed by the education system
Drenched by the burdens upon him
His attire spoke beyond his grim

The onus he carried on his back
The troubles he had to face
Stood ahead fathomless
While he made his way

Shallow breathing , heavy footsteps
As he dragged his body to the exam hall
With goosebumps on his neck
With chills up his spine
The syllabus on his mind left him confined

His throat dry , his hands sweat
He pulled out his pen, set it to test
As he set the ink to flow
Endless pages he tried to plough
For his might he had to show
That even he could muster
The power to behold

The best he could remember
The maximum the ink would flow
The wielder of the pen
Could he light up his hopes ?

As the time passes by
One or two questions left to pry
Heaves the guy a heavy sigh
For the peace he would love to find
As he reaches the end of his test
He begins to feel relief of the best
For his trial was an adamant one
And he had allies of none
As this battle was his & only his
He had to shine, blow it up to bits

Alas! He finished his test at last
For the demons inside him felt the calm
And now his soul was wagered for a time
For a time till another test comes by


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14 thoughts on “The Test”

  1. Unbelievable ! So nice. For the past few days I was thinking-” why are you in exile ?” But, if it is the result, then I must say-“better late than never.”


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