The Night

#The Night#

As the minute hand ticks away
The moon covers its entire way
Overnight the sounds which fall to my ears prey
I stand unknown to the beckoning fray

To run from the noise which I want away
The silence of night paves the way
Breaking the chains of relentless assault
By the lifestyle of the world around about
The hours of night which I love today
Incorporate peace in which I wish to stay

As I fixate upon penning something new
One of the nights left me thinking anew
And to write about that did my heart really pound
For the night that made it beat , made the only sound
Hence the night is what I write about
Always here to help me roundabout
The night life gives you a lot to ponder
To stay inside the room and let your heart wander

As the night begins to fade
The monotony starts to cascade
Once you begin to realise the fate
That the sun is up and on it’s way
And to return back to ennui everyday
That epiphany is one of the saddest mate
Alas the reality is distraught
And the night alone is my only resolve
For the only time I wish to find
In peace , in quiet , with my sanctity combined
As the appetite in me chimes to nine
For infinity and beyond is it’s to dine
And as the moment of freedom comes to an end
I wish for time to go back and make amends
For the night is the time I take control
With no one to obstruct and no one to behold

These hours on my watch are mine and mine alone
To drift away from all burdens and enter the solitary zone
And to bend reality at will , my heart did wish to fulfill
And the time which I had now , helped me in the path uphill

With no breaking confinements to atone
With no criterion limits left to define
My imagination is my power and the universe is mine


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