People come and people go
But the memories they carve constantly show
That in desperate times, at inimical turns
You may find yourself alone

In those dwindling moments of hope
Take a respite, reconcile
Let the heart venture
Prudently corroborate the conjecture
To ascertain the esoteric group
That conduce the emotional coup
At irregular turmoil of events
Erratic vicissitudes of fathomless wavelengths
In these moments must one decide
To give up in the face of problems
Or to beat the onus
And face it with all their might
As in these decisive moments
Do people display their true sides
To stick with you adamantly
Or to step aside inconsiderately

In these situations, solitude or loneliness don’t really abide
To be lonely or to be alone is what you must decide
What you make out of the situation
Shall determine your future
To build your character from the foundation
Or to fall downward towards the oblivion
So wake up from the dreams
These hallucinations of euphoria
They aren’t true
And life ain’t that blue
Not all that coruscates is gold
Not all who smile are true
In a world as materialistic as such
Very few people shall stand by you

So set yourself a goal
A purpose that’ll keep you enticed
As in this infinite loop of life
Not people, only memories reside
So treasure your memories in the long run
For they shall serve as lessons that have been overrun
Alas, this is all a part of life
Hence always remember to hustle and contrive

But always remember the gist of this lullaby
That people will come and people will go
Because that’s just how life goes by


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